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Nanjing Asahi was elected as vice chairman during the Inaugural Meeting of the First Administrative Committee of Jiangsu Construction Industry Modernization Invention Alliance.

2021-06-18 1669

A few days ago, the first council of Jiangsu Construction Industry Modernization Innovation Alliance jointly established by Jiangsu Yangzi State-owned Assets Group Co., Ltd., Nanjing Changjiang Urban Architectural Design Co., Ltd. and other well-known construction industry modernization units was successfully held. Nanjing Xujian Company was elected deputy President unit.

The purpose of the alliance is to create a new construction industry chain cooperation model with collaborative innovation and win-win cooperation. Through the alliance, the resources between enterprises can flow horizontally, two-way or multi-directionally, thereby enhancing the innovation ability of the partners. Actively explore innovative paths in technology, management and industrial models, form unique innovation capabilities, and become a source of sustainable competitive advantage for enterprises. Through technology, market, capital, talents and other methods, promote the cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain within the alliance, help the supply and demand sides to effectively connect, and promote the cooperation between industry, university, research and use, and create a flexible and efficient new construction industry ecology system.

After more than 20 years of professional manufacturing and mature application of industrialized panels, Xujian Company has successfully solved many problems encountered in the modern development of the construction industry, and has established a set of technological processes suitable for the needs of prefabricated buildings, including industrialization Customized, standardized logistics, prefabricated installation, and plate node structure that meets Japanese JIS quality standards. The industrialization construction technology of ALC slabs and the manufacturing and installation technology of ALC slab factory units have increased the industrialization rate of buildings to about 80%. Through the practice test of tens of thousands of large-scale projects at home and abroad, Xujian has become a leader in the overall solution of domestic industrialized housing, and has played a fundamental and supporting role in the development of domestic and foreign construction industrialization.