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Thermal insulation decoration
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Enclosure Infill System For Frame Structure
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Nanjing Asahi New Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Asahi New Building Materials Co., Ltd., established in 1996, has a total investment of 44.5 million US dollars, with registered capital of 170 million Yuan. The Company was listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations and became a market-making corporation in 2014. Stock name is “Xu Jian Xin Cai” with code 430485. The Company was elected as a corporation in the NEEQ satisfying innovation standards.

For the past twenty years, Nanjing Asahi has dedicated itself to manufacturing and developing new green building materials, innovation and upgrading of construction methods of wall assembling, and one-stop service of wall engineering which complies with green energy-saving construction criteria for its clients.

The Company owns unique production technology, many key manufacturing techniques, and 19 technology patents. We insist on research and development of hi-tech products and technology innovation. Through long term cooperation with leading design institutions and construction corporations, both in China and in developed countries such as Japan, we have solved the industrialization difficulties of the “Three Panels” (Wall Panel, Roof Panel, and Floor Panel) in the enclosure structure of a building, and have shown the advantages of our products in energy-saving, construction industrialization, and integration of thermal insulation with decorative function aspects.

  • 1996 year


  • 19 items

    Technical monopoly

  • 2014 year

    New OTC listing

  • 2016 year

    Selected as an innovative enterprise


1996-2000 Manufacture technique of ALC panel established in China

anjing Asahi-Jiantong New Building Materials Co Ltd was established on 28th March 1996

The first technology regulation and application drawing collection of ALC panel was published in April 1998

The production line of ALC with capacity of 200,000m3 was put into use in November 1998

Nanjing Asahi obtained Iso9001 certificate in February 2000.

2001-2005 Create the market with research and development of application techniques. ALC panel has gained a foothold in China with a system standard established.

The first national standard of ALC (03SG715)was published in 2003

The system application of ALC panel with steel structure was approved as science and technology achievements by Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education

2006-2010 Rapid development of ALC products with mature application techniques

Products of Nanjing Asahi won Jiangsu Provincial Famous Brand in 2007.

Nanjing Asahi obtained Japanese Industrial Standard Conformity Certificate in 2008.

The first production line for modular house of ALC panel and steel frame in China was put into use in 2009.

Nasahi Mansion of ALC Technology Center was completed and came into use in 2010.

2010-2016 Integration of New techniques, Innovation to bring further development

Nanjing Asahi New Building Matenals Co, Ltd was renamed after restructuring in2011.

The acquisition of Nasahi Changzhou factory was completed and the production line was upgraded for ALC with capacity of 200, 000m3 in 2012.

Nanjing Asahi was accredited as Jiangsu Provincial Hi-Tech Enterpnse in 2013.

Nanjing Asahi was listed at the National Equities Exchange and Quotations and became a market-making corporation in 2014 Stock name: Xu Jian Xin Cai Stock code430485.

After absorbing imported techniques and with self-innovation, a new production line of 200,000m3 in Nanjing factory with all domestic machinery was completed and put nto use in 2014.

Nasahi Mansion won 2-Star Green Building in Service Certification, First Prize of Jiangsu Province Green Building Innovation, and Second Prize of National Green Building Innovation in 2015.

A ceremony of 20th anniversary of Nanjing Asahi was held in Nan ing on 8th April 2016, with the theme of " Development, Gratitude, Sharing, Win-win". The 2nd production line in Nanjing factory passed Japanese Industrial Standard certfication in June 2016.

Nanjing Asahi was elected as Vice Chairman Enterprise for China-ASEAN Committee for Bulding Materials Industry Cooperation in August 2016.


Our Vision:

Strive to become a world-class enterprise of ALC manufacture and application.

Our Mission:

Be dedicated to improve people’s living environment. Make significant contributions to protect natural resources.

Our Principle:

Create value for customers. Provide platforms for employees.

Our Spirit:

Diligent, Innovative, Cautious, Efficient.

Our Manner:

No excuses, Act immediately, Never evade responsibility, Always be introspective.

Our Value System:

Quality: Attention to details and strive for perfection.

Behavior: Be strict to oneself and lenient with others.

Employment: Agree with corporate standpoint.

Train employees frequently and supervise with standards.

Result: Exceed targets and create miracles.

Work: Excellent skill gained from simple works, great achievement obtained from ordinary posts.

Corporate Philosophy:

The one with ideals has hopes, and the one with hopes has targets.

The one with targets has plans, and the one with plans has actions.

The one with actions has results, and the one with results has self-reflection.

The one with self-reflection has progress, and the one with progress has ideals.



2013.8.5--2016.8.4 高新技術企業證書(2013)

2012 外觀設計專利證書 墻面板(蒸壓輕質加氣混凝土)

2007 優秀專利新產品證書








2014.4.1--2016.3.31 綠色建材

2012.1.13 揚子杯優質工程獎

2011.12 最具影響力企業

2008.12.1 上海市科學技術獎2